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John Hartig

It's been quite a learning curve seeing what a Content Management System [CMS] can do in terms of creating a website. I've had to do and undo things a number of times in different systems to learn how things work. I haven't plummeted the depth of what Wordpress, Joomla, Weebly or Drupal can do yet, mainly because, I suppose, of my inexperience. I rely more on the old-fashioned system of HTML and using bootstrap to make my sites device friendly. What I love about Wordpress, Joomla, Weebly  and Drupal though, is that these programs are designed to be device friendly automatically!

One big difference among the four free programs is that Wordpress and Weebly offered the option to create an attractive gallery slideshow, whereas I couldn't create such a slideshow for my scenery photos in either Drupal or Joomla. Ah, c'est la vie, if you want something for free! 

Maybe the younger guys and girls who actually do websites in these different systems, regularly as a job, know all the flexibility of each Content Managemant System. That's the advantage for someone who does this for a living, and not for a hobby. At least, I had a good learning experience with all four programs: Wordpress, Joomla, Weebly and Drupal. I'm glad someone is smart enough to create such versatile programs which look good in both the large and small formats.

So, here are the results to my experimental efforts. Click on the caption below each icon to see my other John Hartig creations...and don't forget to come back to  Drupalville for a longer stay.


John's Wordpress
John's Joomla Site
John's Drupal Site



 B.T.W.: Despite my interesting accomplishments to make each of these CMS sites at least look like something, here is the link to my Official John Hartig Website:

john hartig site