Niagara Scenery Photography

john hartig selfie 1980
Selfie 1980

I used to do the occasional wedding but have never succeeded in making a career out of it -- though I got nice results with which my couples were delighted. I apply my photographer's eye now to Niagara scenery pictures using a digital pocket camera. I still have not lost my imagination and "touch" in photoshop.

So, the world goes on with younger people taking over the wedding business, and hobbyists, like me, taking pictures of landscapes and flowers instead. I've also embraced writing novels and poems again. You just have to find another way to keep busy in this ol' world, as you get older. If you are a senior and you want to go on a specific field trip with me and want hints on angles and framing for nice photos, let's do that! A Timmy's is all I'd ask for where we can discuss the merits of the photos. 

Writing, Web Design and Photography will always be a part of me, until I can't do them any longer. So, Don't worry, be happy!


niagara scenery autumn
My Niagara Scenery Prints are still available for home or office --  phone John 905-562-7821


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