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logo-baseballYou were expecting a website about baseball? Wrong!

Some time ago , John Hartig pursued a project about Baseball Greats and the World Baseball Hall of Fame. That project didn't pan out, but John was stuck with the purchase of two domain names for a couple of years. So he decided not to waste the money on the baseball content, and to use the names, instead, for his own personal websites, as a Canadian author, Niagara web designer and Niagara Scenery Photographer. Why not? -- until the rights to the baseball domain names ran out.

Welcome -- not to baseball -- but to the John Hartig author, web design and photography website.

Since my retirement, I’ve wondered about ways to keep myself busy. The obvious answer is that I could be a Niagara senior geek guy helping other Niagara seniors. I don’t have a business, so  assistance could be as cheap as a Timmy’s. 

Maybe you want to put a family history on a website; I can design that for you and host the site for you on my server godaddy. Maybe you want to write a novel; I can show you strategies on how to do that, since I’ve gone through the self-publishing process myself. Maybe you like a lesson on how to take great spring or autumn photographs; just Google John Hartig Spring and Autumn Photos.

John Hartig is a triple hitter as a Canadian writer, Niagara web designer and Niagara scenery photographer. This website will be a home-run once people get to know the site and enjoy it. John Hartig writes novels, short stories, poems, and does web design and scenery photography as a hobby in the Niagara Region. The world might be a better place if more people pursued this kind of hobby, a world where guns could be turned into pens for writing and cameras for shooting scenery!

John's Book Shelf

Novel coming summer 2018 -- Photo Books have to be specially ordered  905-562-7821