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Brief Biography - Vineland Author

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John Hartig

How do you judge a person? By a list of deeds and accomplishments?

What's in a biography anyway? Just a list? That won't define the essence of a man or a woman,, but at least, you'll get a handle on what the person is mostly about.

John Hartig was born in Austria. He moved to Canada with his family at the age of 8. Canada seemed like such a strange land to an 8 year-old boy from Europe! The national sport here was hockey, and football was "soccer"!

John lived in several provinces: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. He even put in a stint in Germany and France, but that's another story. John acquired an M.A. in English Literature at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Then a teaching degree at the University of B.C., then a diploma in Corporate Communications from Sheridan College, then a Webmaster's Certificate from Mohawk College...then, my goodness, there must have been other stuff he got somewhere at some time, which at the moment escapes me.

At different times, John was a news reporter, an editor, a high-school teacher, an apprentice electrician, a wedding photographer, a web designer, and has now setttled on being a fledgling author here in the little village of Vineland. John enjoys living in Vineland which is in the middle of wine and orchard country. John writes murder mystery-romance novels for a hobby. He relies neither on his talent, nor his good looks to make a living in his three endeavours: writing, web design, and photography.

So, John's had a very varied career, and hopes to continue with a few more deeds and accomplishments to stretch his biography out just a little bit more, which is his strategy in keeping time's winged chariot at bay!

As a retired person, I've been able to practise a lot of things with my camera and my computer. Here is a brief list of the skills I've applied to my own family photos, my sites and my books on Niagara.

John's Acquired Skills

  • photo enhancement
  • scanning
  • collages created
  • scenery prints available
  • John's photo books to order
  • hosting through "godaddy"
  • web design for weddings, families and small business
  • personal websites
  • banners + logos designed


  • prints for home or office
  • coffee table books of Niagara
  • Niagara landmarks
  • Niagara Falls
  • Ball's Falls
  • Morningstar Mill


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